Letting the questions work their magic  


What if joy and pleasure weren’t ‘if’ and ‘when’, but the ‘how’ and ‘why’?

What if peace and comfort weren’t just distant or vague ideals, but were the basis and guide for every choice and experience? What if your pleasure empowered and directed your life?


  • Being able to consistently access deep comfort and joy in every area of your life.
  • really trusting yourself, your pleasure, your body as your own best teacher and guide.
  • tuning into the profound wisdom of your body, and feeling deeply connected, supported and relaxed.
  • opening to the possibility of undoing, softening and creating space for pleasure to emerge, instead of pushing, pulling or forcing as a way of being.
  • a way of being in your body that brings freedom, lightness, wholeness and expansiveness, instead of heaviness, tension, fragmentation and disconnect.
  • creative practices that feel good and translate insights and conceptual understanding into direct physical experience so that wisdom and clarity are more grounded, real, relevant and accessible.
  • liberating yourself mentally, physically and emotionally from anxiety, self-doubt and stuckness.

 Dowsing for joy

I’m Ceridwen Chaney, and I’ve been playing with these ideas for a long time.

I’m fascinated with the process of finding the sweet spots  – physical, mental, emotional – from which freedom is born.

I”m interested in practices that give rise to authentic peace, joy and freedom, instead of hiding, denying, forcing or imposing, as ways of being in the body and in the world.

I’ve come to trust the pulse of joy and the intelligence of the body as profound, liberating and reliable routes to wholeness.

The path of pleasure

Stubbornly tracking joy has not been a linear process.

It has led me to many wonderful teachers, to the yoga of Vanda Scaravelli and an ever-deepening connection to the wisdom of the body and playful, intuitive, creative practice.

It has taken me from the wild west of Moscow to the wild west of Ireland, on a yoga journey through India, to running a bookshop, and walking through Ethiopia with two mules and a dog.  I’m currently following a path from Ireland to the north coast of Spain.

I don’t go far without my dog Molly, marmite, swimming gear, wellies, books, paper or cake.

Together we rise

I would love to share the most effective practices, ideas and tools I’ve found to help live with greater ease, clarity and courage, and to help prioritise pleasure as a radical act of reclaiming power and purpose.

I’m so glad you’re here. I hope you will join the conversation so that together we can explore ways to recover wholeness, chart pathways to true pleasure, connect with each other and ourselves, and in doing so reshape our lives and the world.

with love